Local teen robbed in woods near Faculty Road on Saturday

A local teen reported to police that he was robbed on Saturday in the wooded area off Faculty Road near the Jadwin Gymnasium on the Princeton University campus.

The teen was walking around 3 p.m. when he was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground by three males. The suspects took the teen’s cellphone and fled the area.

According to the Princeton University Department of Public Safety, the suspects are all believed to be local high school students. If you have any information regarding the incident, please contact the Princeton University Department of Public Safety at 609-258-1000.

Following are safety recommendations from the Princeton Department of Public Safety:

  • Stay alert and tuned in to your surroundings. Be aware and prepared.
  • Avoid walking alone or appearing distracted by wearing headphones or talking on your cell phone.
  • Trust your instincts, and if you do not feel comfortable in a place or situation, leave.
  • Be careful when using your cellphone, in public, while walking alone.


  1. In other words, don’t walk alone, enjoying life and minding your own business. You are inviting upstanding citizens to accost and rob you.

    1. They were meeting up and one of the kids just had a grudge against him because there was an issue with money that the kid owed. The other two kids had nothing to do with it they were just with him. It was not a robbery it was just a fight.

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