Princeton Mobile Food Pantry thanks supporters

The Princeton Mobile Food Pantry provides fresh produce and proteins to more than 500 people living in Princeton and facing food insecurity. The people we serve who are experiencing food insecurity are a diverse mix in terms of age, race, identity, background, and mobility. We are a volunteer-led collective supporting our neighbors through various networks.

On behalf of our board, our volunteers, our partner organizations and the families we serve, we wish to thank everyone who has supported these efforts  The Princeton Mobile Food Pantry set a goal of raising $15,000 before year’s end. Thanks to all of you, we have met and exceeded this goal.  As a result, we have not only been able to continue our bi-weekly deliveries but increase the number of families that we serve. 

Thank you again. For more information or if you need food assistance, visit

Liliana Morenilla,Chair and Amy Lansky, President
The Princeton Mobile Food Pantry Team      

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  1. Great work, Princeton Mobile Food Pantry, you guys are the best! Many Princeton residents don’t realize how much food insecurity there is in Princeton, made much worse by the pandemic with people out of work or on reduced hours. Since last March – and before – you have been assisting our neighbors with a very basic human need.

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