Cast your vote for the renaming of the Princeton Unified Middle School: Choose from 10 potential names

Albert Einstein Middle School. Elizabeth Stockton Middle School. Princeton Community School. Those are just a few of the names students and community members came up with as possible permanent names for the Princeton United Middle School, formerly known as the John Witherspoon Middle School.

More than 600 students at the middle school viewed video projects created by eighth-grade civics students who used the videos to made their cases for particular names. Students at the middle school then voted on their preferred names, selecting ten finalists.

Members of the Princeton community can now cast their votes for their favorite names. The school board is slated to select a name in June, and officials said the board’s decision will be informed by the student and community member votes. After the community weighs in, a follow-up vote for middle school students is scheduled for April, and a community discussion or forum is also in the works.  

The finalists:

  • Albert Einstein Middle School
  • Elizabeth Stockton Middle School
  • John Lewis Middle School
  • Michelle Obama Middle School
  • Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation Middle School
  • Paul Robeson Middle School
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg Middle School
  • Shirley Satterfield Middle School
  • Princeton Community School
  • Walnut Lane Middle School

You can vote on the school district’s website.

One Comment

  1. With 10 choices, this vote should really be a ranked choice ballot where you can express your preferences for multiple choices. Ranked choice has been adopted by many governments in situations like this when you have multiple candidates and only one vote. The School Board should consider having a ranked choice vote if they choose to have another vote to decide among the finalists.

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