NRG will move its headquarters from West Windsor to Houston

NRG Energy, Inc. announced Thursday that the company is consolidating its headquarters in Houston from its current base in West Windsor.

The power company and its subsidiaries generate, sell and deliver power to more than 3.7 million residential and business customers across 10 states. 

According to NRG, Texas is already the home to its largest employee and customer bases, and Houston has served as a second headquarters for the company for many years. NRG bought Texas-based company Direct Energy at the start of the year and now has more than 3,000 employees in the greater Houston region and about 4,600 employees total in the U.S.

“Houston has been a second headquarters for NRG for many years, supporting many of our customers and employees. Today, we are officially designating Houston as NRG’s sole Corporate Headquarters, a step that simplifies our operations,” said Mauricio Gutierrez, president and CEO of NRG, in a press statement. “This move has been a part of our strategic plan for some time, and Houston’s commitment to climate goals and the electrification of transportation align with our own goals and strategy. Texas is a great place for business, growing at a rapid pace and attracting diverse talent and industries.”

NRG relocated from Minneapolis to West Windsor in 2005. The company’s headquarters is currently located at 804 Carnegie Center in West Windsor. The company opened the $40 million, 120,500-square-foot headquarters on the south side of Route 1 in 1016. Previously, the company operated out of two buildings totaling 90,000-square-feet in the Carnegie Center on the northbound side of Route 1.

In 2013, NRG was awarded $37.5 million in tax incentives by the state’s Economic Development Authority to move less than a mile across the highway to the new facility on the southbound side.


  1. The writer really thinks the avg. American knows where West Windsor is…how about a state name or near X city.?

    1. This is a local news website covering Princeton, New Jersey. If a state isn’t listed, the town mentioned is in New Jersey. West Windsor is The next town over from Princeton.

  2. Is the year for the opening of the $40 million headquarters supposed to be 2016? (Only five years ago?!)
    I find the reference to “south of route 1” and “north of route 1” confusing, since this is a highway that runs north and south. Shouldn’t it be east or west of route 1?

  3. Bro your on Planet Princeton. If you read a local Long Island newspaper and they mentioned Garden City would you think that is in Iowa?

  4. Hmmmm. A Planet PRINCETON article featuring local news. Not enough? Ever hear of Google? Maybe look up “NRG”or “West Windsor”? Common sense isn’t very common these days.

  5. The NJEDA told NRG some huge energy co that they didn’t have to pay taxes, while continuing to tell regular people they have to pay the highest property taxes I the nation? Also the current NJEDA grants for say childcare providers are not reaching many taxpaying childcare providers, many… and the bells and whistles and special dates and begging that has had to go on by small businesses to get grants from NJEDA given how many millions of dollars of taxpayer money was wasted on incentives to companies. I understand these tax breaks are still going on probably given to political supporters, despite the fact that it is well documented they don’t create jobs….. All the big companies have got to pay taxes and telling these companies they do not have to pay taxes in exchange for god-knows-what has got to stop. Think of the childcare providers who have paid full taxes who did not qualify for NJEDA grants this last round of Covid relief and were pushed into loans… while a company like NRG got nearly $40 mln in it is ok big guy do not pay taxes? End the non-profit status of the big guys and the churches and lower the taxes of the small businesses who are committed to NJ.

  6. Wonder what Governor Murphy has to say with yet “another” company leaving NJ (there have been so many businesses that “fled” NJ and its high taxes) Such a shame! (Also, what of all the NRG employees in NJ? Wonder if they either have to move or are made redundant).

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