Buy a commemorative Princeton cicada t-shirt and support community journalism at the same time

Planet Princeton teamed up with local graphic designer Kevin Ranallo to create three special t-shirts to commemorate the Brood X cicada emergence this year. You can buy your shirts on our new shop page here:

All profits from the t-shirt sales after paying the artist and the printer will be used to pay interns and freelancers to cover stories for Planet Princeton. We really need help these days because there’s so much going in the Princeton area that is worth covering!

We will take pre-orders for the shirts through Thursday, June 24. It will then take about two weeks for the shirts to be screen printed and shipped to us (possibly a little longer because of pandemic supply chain issues, but as of right now we are very optimistic about a reasonable delivery time based on current stock). Once we receive our delivery, we will send people who choose the pickup option an email with location and time information. After 15 months working remotely, we are so looking forward to saying hello to many of our loyal readers who have already ordered shirts! You can also choose to have your shirts mailed to your address for an extra fee.

Thank you for supporting community journalism and being a Planet Princeton reader. If you would like to write for us or help with our events calendar or newsletter, help us with selling sponsorships for a commission, or volunteer in some way, or if you have story ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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