Zoom bomber disrupts Princeton cannabis task force meeting

The municipality’s cannabis task force meeting was Zoom bombed on Thursday for more than five minutes as officials struggled to figure out how to disable screen share for participants and mute people.

A picture of a woman in a skimpy bra and panties taking a selfie appeared on screen via screen share. A text overlay included the word “hey” and a drawing of male genitalia. The Zoom bomber who disrupted the meeting was also making noises for several minutes.

More than 50 people were attending the meeting of the task force when the Zoom bombing occurred. In the chat area, people kept telling the meeting hosts to disable screen share abilities, to mute people, and to kick the person out who was doing the screen sharing. They also suggested that the hosts close the meeting down, change settings, and start the meeting again.

The meeting was held to provide an opportunity for the 23-member cannabis task force to present recommendations and to hear from the public about people’s thoughts on having cannabis businesses in Princeton.


  1. It’s pretty amazing that a year into the pandemic that meeting organizers don’t know how to use the basic security features for a public Zoom meeting.

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