Assistant superintendent of human resources to leave Princeton Public Schools

Michael Volpe
Michael Volpe

Michael Volpe, the assistant superintendent for human resources in the Princeton Public Schools district for the past two and a half years, will leave the district at the end of December. Volpe has accepted a job as the superintendent for the Moorestown Public Schools in Burlington County.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mike Volpe and our district has benefited from his dedication, his professionalism, and his commitment to improving a myriad of procedures in the Human Resources Department,” said Superintendent of Schools Carol Kelley. “I would like to congratulate Mr. Volpe on his new opportunity.”

Kelley said Volpe implemented and standardized procedures for hiring and evaluations in the Princeton Public Schools and created and implemented a program to grow and recruit administrators of color. He also overhauled hiring practices to increase administrative and certified staff diversity, she said. In the spring, Volpe was elected chair of CJ PRIDE’s legislative and outreach committee, which is responsible for reaching out to state-level politicians on matters of public education.

The district is conducting a national search to replace Volpe and Acting Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Robert Ginsberg, who is retiring at the end of December.

“Change is challenging but it is also an opportunity,” Kelley said of having to search for replacements for the two positions, adding that the district is looking forward to meeting with qualified candidates in the coming weeks.


  1. Someone needs to take the fall for the budding disaster at Riverside. Bring back the bear!

  2. Why is there so much churn among the administrators at PPS? Is it an impossible place to work? Why is there always a national search to replace people who leave? Does the district not grow and nurture its own talent? It seems like something is really wrong. As a parent, I hope that PPS will develop a culture that is more conducive to continuity and stability. Change can be good, but constant change at the top feels disempowering and disorienting for those of us who depend on PPS. My kids are only in elementary school, but already it feels like every single administrator I’ve developed a relationship has disappeared. I imagine that for teachers, the constant church is even worse.

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