Police in Hopewell rescue woman who fell through the ice at Rosedale Park

Two Hopewell Township police officers and other emergency responders rescued a woman who fell through the ice at Rosedale Park off Federal City Road just after noon on Thursday. When police arrived, the woman was in water up to her neck.

Several people had called police to report that a woman was in the water. Police officers Peterson and Pauciullo were the first responding officers on the scene.

The officers arrived at the park at about 12:25 p.m. and located the woman, who was about 25 yards from the shoreline. The woman was flailing around and struggling to keep her head above the water. Using a water rescue throw rope, the officers, with the help of several other emergency responders, were able to safely get the woman to shore.

Once safely on dry land, the woman was treated on scene for potential hypothermia.

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