Princeton bear last seen Friday morning headed in the direction of the towpath

A bear wanders around the Colonnade Pointe development on Thursday evening. Still image from video submitted by a reader.

A resident of Lower Harrison Street saw the Princeton black bear cross her lawn on Friday morning just after 9 a.m.

The bear was walking in the direction of the towpath in the area between Harrison Street and the fisherman’s bridge, said resident Monika Rei, who expressed concern for joggers and walkers. The towpath runs parallel to Lake Carnegie. “The dogs in the neighborhood are still barking like crazy,” Rei noted, about 15 minutes after the bear had passed by.

On Thursday evening, a man was enjoying a jog in the Colonnade Pointe development in West Windsor when he spotted the black bear on Acadia Court. “Eventually he climbed into the backyard of a home on Stonebridge Court,” the man said. Colonnade Pointe is located near the D&R Canal State Park in West Windsor.

The black bear wanders around the Colonnade Pointe condominium development. Video submitted by a Planet Princeton reader.

The Princeton bear has been spotted by residents in various locations over the past two weeks.

Lawrence Township officials have also received numerous reports of black bear sightings in the township in the past few days. A bear has been spotted near Mercer Meadows, Yeger Drive, Stonerise Drive, and Shadowstone Lane in the Route 206 area. Officials there said the animal control officer for Lawrence is actively monitoring the bear’s whereabouts and has notified the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife about the bear.

Avoid attracting bears to your yard by removing birdfeeders and securing your garbage cans. Never approach a bear.  

A black bear sniffs at a bird feeder in Lawrence. Photo: Lawrence Township.


  1. Is the goal to wait until the bear injures or kills a person? The bear should be removed immediately!

  2. The bear population needs to be culled. There have been serious attacks in Nj already. Bears are dangerous animals. I don’t want to have a child killed because of an inability to take action.

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