Police: Third burglary reported in 12 days in Edwards Place neighborhood

A resident of Edwards Place on the Princeton University campus reported that someone burglarized a home during the day on Monday, Jan. 30 while residents were away.

The Princeton University Department of Public Safety investigated the incident Monday evening. Police said the initial investigation revealed that the burglar entered the building through the rear of the property.

Police said this is the third burglary reported in the past twelve days in the same area.

On Jan. 25, the Department of Public Safety issued an alert to members of the Princeton University community about two residential burglaries. The burglaries took place in the Edwards Place and College Road area.

Both of those incidents occurred while residents were not home.

Police are cautioning people to avoid leaving laptops, purses, keys, cameras, or other valuables next to doors or visible through windows and to call 911 if they notice suspicious activity.