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March art exhibition at Small World Coffee: ‘Mindscapes and More’ by Spriha Gupta

Small World Coffee’s March art show “Mindscapes and More” features Spriha Gupta, a mixed media artist from Skillman. Gupta works out of her studio at the Princeton Makes artist cooperative at the Princeton Shopping Center.

Her work will be on display at Small World’s Witherspoon Street location from March 8 through April 4. An exhibition reception will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. March 17 at Small World. Stop by and talk to Gupta at the reception and learn more about her work.

The artist’s statement of her work: “Spriha is a narrative mixed media artist bringing organic forms and textures into her body of work. She uses iconic symbolism to exemplify concepts close to her heart that are influenced by personal, societal, and environmental changes. Strongly influenced by her Indian cultural roots she is fearless in her use of colors and weaves them into her creations. She likes to use art as a tool of communication wanting to break man-made
barriers. She feels that art can pull one out of isolation in so many ways and illuminate
the interior world that resides in each one of us while engaging in a dialogue. The
uniqueness of her works comes through the various textures that she creates by building
layer upon layer with a variety of materials most of which are found objects. Materials are
layered and washed with acrylic paints in some areas and other gel and modeling
mediums are also used to give it an almost three-dimensional feel. Techniques of
Decoupage can also be seen in some pieces. She is always learning and experimenting
with new materials. None of the paintings are preconceived and flow from her brush onto
the canvas with a freedom of the mind and soul. One can feel transported into the painting
living and breathing each color and mood.”

Gupta’s works are in private collections across the globe and she has exhibited her work in local, national, and international exhibits. For more information about her work, visit sprihagupta.com.