Police in Hopewell say object that struck house is probably a meteorite

Police are working to confirm that the metal-like object that went through a resident’s roof is a meteorite. Photo: Hopewell Police.

A small metallic object that police believe is a meteorite hit a roof at a home on Old Washington Crossing Pennington Road in Hopewell Township on Monday afternoon.

Police said the rock-like, oblong object went through the roof of the ranch-style home just after 1 p.m. on Monday. The object, which is about half a foot long and about four inches wide, hit the roof, went through the ceiling, then hit the floor. No one was injured in the incident, police said.

Police have contacted other agencies for help positively identifying the object. They believe the incident is related to the current Eta Aquariids meteor shower.

Meteorites have been discovered in other parts of the country after meteor showers. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum was offering a reward last month for fragments from a meteor after one was spotted streaking across the Northern Maine sky last month.

A close-up of the object that landed in a home in Hopewell Monday. Photo: Hopewell Police.
The object went through the roof and ceiling before crashing onto the floor. Photo: Hopewell Police.