Kendal re-elected as president of Princeton Board of Education, three board members sworn in

Dafna Kendal will serve as the president of the school board for the second year in a row.

Dafna Kendal was re-elected to serve as the president of the Princeton Board of Education and Betsy Baglio was chosen to serve as vice-president for a second year on Tuesday evening, Jan. 2, at the board’s 2024 reorganization meeting.

Three members of the board were also sworn in to serve three-year terms. Incumbent Beth Behrend will serve her third three-year term. Newcomers Eleanor Hubbard and Adam Bierman officially joined the board. Jean Durbin decided not to see reelection last November, and Michele Tuck Ponder did not win reelection.

Adam Bierman takes the oath of office Tuesday evening.
Eleanor Hubbard is sworn in on Tuesday evening.
Eleanor Hubbard is sworn in on Tuesday evening.
Beth Behrend is sworn in for a third term.

Board member Deb Bronfeld nominated Kendal to serve as president. The vote for her presidency was unanimous.

“2023 was a bumpy year for the district. However, with Dafna’s leadership, we were all focused on the most important thing, the students. Everything Dafna does for the district is focused on supporting all our students,” Bronfeld said. “I know she will continue to always put our students first.”

Brondfeld said one of Kendal’s superpowers is her ability to listen to all parties involved in an issue and create a solution where each party feels they receive something.

“She successfully continues to have open conversations with our three unions, which has supported a positive work environment for our students to learn and grow. She continues to ensure all board members have the same information,” Bronfeld said. “The board does not always agree on issues, which is democracy of work, but two things the board has unanimously agreed on have been electing Dafna as board president for the past two years.”

Board member Susan Kanter then nominated Betsy Baglio to serve as vice president. The board voted unanimously to select her. Kanter cited Baglio’s educational knowledge, organizational skills, respect in the Princeton community, and knowledge of the community. Kanter said Baglio has ensured that there is always a respectful dialogue between all members of our board.

The school board’s lawyer then reviewed state school board ethics standards with the full board.