Reader Seeking Metal Detector to Find Wedding Ring Lost in Princeton (Updated)

weddingringA reader named David lost his wedding ring today while he was walking through the forest taking pictures.

“This was because I took out many times my gloves to take the pictures,” David writes. ” The area where I lost the ring is small but I could not find it because it was a lot of snow and leaves over there.”

David hopes he can find someone with a metal detector who would be willing to help him.

“I think I could find the ring quick with the metal detector because of the small area,” he writes. “I would greatly appreciate it if someone could kindly help me to find the wedding ring. It is so important to me.”

If you might be able to help David or have another suggestion for him, please contact him at 609-435-67 34 or via email at davidshaker79ATgmailDOTcom.

Updade Sunday at 1 p.m. – Readers Brian McGann along with his little son Jacob, and Steve Omiecinski helped David and his wife search a wooded area for 90 minutes with two metal detectors and then they found the ring! We love a happy ending.


  1. go buy one on craigs list like i did. $20. didn’t find the ring this way but it worked finding a whole bunch of other crap

  2. Another of hundreds of cases where volunteer metal detectorist hobbyists help people find beloved items – usually for free and declining any rewards. So when a detectorist asks permission to hunt your historic property for fun, do grant them permission. They are good to have around!

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