Jammin’ Crêpes to Open Cafe in Downtown Princeton

Kim Rizk busy at work preparing crepes at Communiversity.
Kim Rizk busy at work preparing crepes at Communiversity.

Fans who flock to local farmers markets just to get another taste of one of the sweet or savory creations made by Jammin’ Crêpes are in luck. Soon, the crêpes made with seasonal local ingredients will be available all year long at a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Princeton.

Princeton resident Kim Rizk, co-owner of Jammin’ Crepes, had searched for more than a year for a suitable location to set up shop. She and her business partner just finalized a five-year agreement to open a cafe at 20 Nassau Street, and hopes to start serving customers there by this coming spring.

” After three years of serving our Sweet & Savory Crêpes at local farm markets, we’re thrilled to finally have a home base and, to be able to share our farm
fresh flavors with everyone year-round!,” said Rizk, who is also a real estate agent for Callaway Henderson Sotheby’s International Realty.

Jammin’ Crêpes will offer casual food and drinks, including a rotating menu of seasonal crêpes. The crêpes will feature homemade micro-batch jams, pickles
and condiments, crafted from regional orchard fruit, berries and herbs. In addition to crêpes, Jammin’ Crêpes will also offer a daily selection of seasonal soups and salads and a variety of baked good. The restaurant will also sell an assortment of regional, all-natural juices and drinks, as well as specialty coffee and tea drinks.

The restaurant, which will be located next to the Red Onion, will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and will have seating for 35 people and free Wifi.

Jammin’ Crêpes has been a vision of Kim Rizk and husband Amin Rizk, and partner Kathy Klockenbrink. Kim Rizk has a history of culinary expertise that includes managing a successful Gourmet Food Store in Connecticut, authoring a nationally launched and acclaimed cookbook and working as a freelance food writer and restaurant critic. She also holds a “Master Food Preserver” certification from Cornell University and has led several community initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local farms.

After discovering Klockenbrink’s passion for French food and culinary studies in the Savoy region of France, the two Princeton moms embarked on their new culinary adventure in 2011.

Visitors to the Princeton and West Windsor farmers markets will still be able to get their fix at the markets. Jammin’ Crêpes will continue to run stands at both markets next spring.


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