New Princeton Traffic Circle to Open Jan. 26

A portion of the new map for Alexander St./University Place. Visit for more details.
A portion of the new map for Alexander St./University Place. Visit for more details.

A new traffic circle on Alexander Street is slated to be opened on Jan. 26, a Princeton University representative told local officials tonight.

“The vehicular route through the intersection at Alexander Street and University Place will be restored as a roundabout,” said Kristin Appelget, the school’s director of community and regional affairs.  “The soft opening will be January 26th, which is a Sunday. The road will be fully open for rush hour Jan. 27 unless there is another blizzard or major storm.”

A new pedestrian route will be opened in the area, and some parking will be reopened, Appelget told the Princeton Council at the regular public meeting tonight at town hall. More details and a map can be found on Princeton University’s website.

The Wawa will still be located on the corner of Alexander Street and University Place. The Wawa will not be moved until the new station is open. The new station and transit plaza are scheduled to open this summer. The arts buildings are slated to open in 2017.


  1. It boggles my mind that the status of road construction is being revealed to town officials by the local university, and not vice versa.

    Have some backbone, Princeton (the town).

    1. The University’s contractors are building the road, so if town officials were updating them on the construction process, that would itself be pretty mind-boggling.

      1. Silly me for wanting public roads to be planned and constructed by the government, and not some private business wholly unaffiliated with many of the citizens who will be using said roads.

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