Montgomery Woman Charged with Stealing Puppy from SAVE

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For the second time in less than two weeks, the Princeton Police Department has charged someone with trying to steal animals from the SAVE animal shelter on Herrontown Road.

On Saturday, July 12, a SAVE staff member reported to police that just after noon that day, three women left the shelter with a female puppy hound mix named Jessie. The dog was valued at $325, which is the fee for adopting a dog from SAVE.

The staff member reported that the three suspects walked the dog on leash, then placed her in a silver-colored Volkswagen and drove away.

On Sunday morning Victoria Winogora, 22, of Montgomery,  turned herself in to police headquarters and returned the dog unharmed. Police charged her with theft.

Three 19-year-old men tried to steal two kittens at the same shelter on July 6. They fled the shelter grounds with the kittens when they spotted a volunteer, and were then caught by police.

Krystal Knapp

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  1. In the first case, all three suspects were arrested, yet in this case, only one suspect has been arrested. Presumably there is some fundamental difference between the two cases? Or are the suspects in the second case receiving lighter treatment from law enforcement?

  2. There is something wrong when animals are being stolen from same location. Volunteers need to be vigilant. Hope there’s no third time.

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