Naked Pizza Closes Downtown Princeton Location

naked pizza princetonNaked Pizza, the gourmet pizza shop that opened at 180 Nassau Street in downtown Princeton in 2011, has closed for good.

The shop was part of a national chain that was founded in 2008 as a small New Orleans-based local business called World’s Healthiest Pizza.

Naked Pizza advertised its product as a healthier version of pizza. The store offered gluten-free crusts, vegan cheese, more than a dozen plant-based toppings, and a “probiotic” pizza.

The company has also closed its Ewing location and several other locations across the United States. The CEO of Naked Pizza once predicted that there would be a thousand stores across the country. Today there are only six stores left in the United States — one in New Orleans, four in Virginia, and one in Washington. There is also a Naked Pizza store in Kenya.

The company did not respond to a call or an email about the closing. Princeton had several established pizzerias before Naked Pizza opened, the popular Princeton Pi on Nassau Street recently expanded, and Nomad Pizza plans to open up a restaurant at the Princeton Shopping Center next year.


  1. Not surprised at all. Despite the precious, faux-clever name, the pizza was basically Domino’s in disguise.

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