Photos: Princeton Cub Scouts 2016 Pinewood Derby

On Saturday, January 16th, Princeton Cub Scout Pack 43 took part in one the Cub Scout’s grand traditions, the Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts. The kids build their own car creations from a block of wood and then race them on an official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby track against other pack members in a fun-filled competition.


  1. This always looks like so much fun. I’m wondering if are girls allowed to participate nowadays?

    1. Great question Jenny.

      Well they wouldn’t be “Cub Scouts” (just like boys aren’t allowed to be “Girl Scouts”), but, yes,
      Guest participants are often allowed to build and race a car per the specifications of the rules.
      My wife, the parents, some Boy Scouts, and other volunteers sometimes race their own, although typically the Cub Scouts’ entries are much better!

      See: and
      for next year’s derby!

      1. Thanks – I didn’t know that cub scouts are boys only, since cubs in the animal world can be male or female, but thanks for clearing that up!

        1. In the UK, where scouting originated, “cub scouts” can be male or female too. It’s been that way since 1990.

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