Princeton Montessori School Announces New Scholarships

Scholarships The Princeton Montessori School announced this week that the school is offering two new merit-based full scholarships for  students entering the first through sixth grades. The scholarships are for a limited number of new students,  and will be renewed annually through eighth grade.

Applications are available on the Princeton Montessori School website and should be submitted by March 15.​

The Explorer Award is a scholarship for a child entering first through fourth grade who embodies the virtues valued and modeled in the school’s elementary program: inquisitiveness, kindness, and determination. The ideal candidate is someone who would thrive in an independent school learning environment based on the Montessori philosophy and keeping a love of learning alive in students.

The Scholar Award is a scholarship for a student entering fifth through seventh grade who embodies the virtues valued and modeled in the middle school program: responsibility, respect, and resiliency. The ideal candidate is someone who would appreciate the opportunity to learn in a small, engaged and dynamic middle school program dedicated to helping early adolescents strengthen their academic and social skills, self-reliance, and empathy in preparing them to succeed in high school and beyond.

For more information visit the Princeton Montessori website. Families are welcome to set up an appointment to visit the school any weekday and learn more about these two new scholarships.


  1. you know you live in Princeton when you’re going after a scholarship for your kid who is starting first grade…

    1. Scholarships are important at all grade levels for families who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity for choice in education. Be worried if the first grade scholarship asks for test scores. This one doesn’t – just a kid who is curious, determined, and kind.

      1. Well, that sure narrows the candidate pool. Frankly, the criteria are so broad as to be meaningless.

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