Agricola Owner Buys Main Street Bistro and Bar, Main Street Cafe

Main Street Bakery KingstonThe Fenwick Hospitality Group, the farm-focused company that owns Agricola, the Great Road Farm and the future Dinky
Bar & Kitchen, has purchased the Main Street Restaurant Group.

Jim Nawn, the owner of the Fenwick Hospitality Group,  is the former owner and operator of 37 Panera Bread franchises in New Jersey.

The Main Street Restaurant Group includes the Main Street
Bistro & Bar in Princeton, the Main Street Café in Kingston, and Main Street Catering in Rocky Hill.

Main Street has been a fixture in the Princeton area community for more than 30 years.

Fenwick Hospitality representatives say as the group expands, the company pledges to create farm-inspired experiences will continue across the variety of dining options, bringing more choices to Princeton diners.

“We recognize Main Street as a brand that served Princeton wonderfully for many years,” said Nawn. “Looking for ways to expand how we serve the Princeton area and utilize our farm and local growers, the Main Street businesses will allow us to broaden our reach and do so.”

Nawn said his company’s farm-centric approach will continue to build upon the base that Main Street’s Sue Simpkins and John Marshall built over three decades.

“The timing and fit with Fenwick is right, and the opportunity is great for Main Street and our dedicated, talented staff,” said Marshall. “Becoming part of Fenwick Hospitality Group will optimize our reputation, venues and accomplishments, benefiting both organizations and  setting the groundwork for exciting future offerings.”

Each business under the Main Street umbrella will continue to operate as usual while the Fenwick Group looks at how to apply its farm-focused methods, representatives from Fenwick said.


  1. Great, just what we all need. More “small plate” artsy nonsense, because Princeton isn’t pretentious enough.

  2. Bummer. Main Street is a very good, very dependable, restaurant.

    Agricola (make sure you put the accent on the right syllable) cares more about high table turn over than anything else. Went there with my daughter once. The waiter assured me my food would be out in 17 minutes. What?

    They also use precise measuring instruments when pouring wine. Beautiful space, but they understand little about good hospitality.


  3. No, why ruin such a great establishment! The food at Main Street is awesome. The food at Agricola doesn’t impress me; neither does the price. This is not a good move at all – too bad. I should go to Main Street as much as possible before it goes all goes downhill.

    1. I feel the same way. I’ll really miss Main Street. There’s nothing special about Agricola.

  4. Any news on why the Main Street Group sold? Main Street is a really great restaurant.

  5. Very disappointing, have given Agricola endless opportunities but am always left disappointed. Food not special nor necessarily good, way too expensive, staff not particularly accommodating nor friendly. Main Street needs some decor updating but food always good seasonal, well priced, staff always friendly and courteous, nothing like Agricola. Love the cabana bar in summer. Equally disappointed that they are going to run the old dinky spot. Owner seems very out of touch with Princeton although I believe they consider themselves insiders, to what I do not know.

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