Lori Rabon to Head Palmer Square Management

Lori Rabon
Lori Rabon

Palmer Square Management, the company that oversees the retail, office and residential leasing and marketing of Palmer Square in downtown Princeton, has named Lori Rabon as the company’s new vice president.

The position was previously held by David Newton, who will be focusing on other development projects in North Jersey, according to the real estate group.

Rabon has been the general manager of the Nassau Inn for twenty years. Officials from the real estate group said her experience, along with her knowledge of the property and of Princeton, make her a valuable asset to the company and made her the top candidate for the position.

Her responsibilities will include leasing and development for Palmer Square. But she will also continue to oversee the hotel’s operations.

“I am thrilled about this opportunity,” Rabon said.  “In my new leadership role, I look forward to doing great things and feel fortunate to have the support of seasoned teams behind me at both the Nassau Inn and Palmer Square Management.”

There curently are about half a dozen vacancies on Palmer Square. Rabon and Newton will travel to Las Vegas for the International Council of Shopping Centers Convention on May 23rd to court chain stores.

“Our hope is to be able to finalize a deal or two, as well as to connect with future prospects,” Rabon said.  “I look forward to meeting many of the key players in the real estate industry and sharing ideas with them.”

Palmer Square Management and the Nassau Inn are owned by a limited partnership based out of New York City. The company owns 110,000 square feet of retail space in downtown Princeton and 142,000 square feet of office space. The company also owns or leases 232 residential units and operates two parking garages with 1,019 parking spaces.


    1. His name is David Newton, not Newman; and he has done a terrific job over the years.

      Moreover, it says nothing about Mr. Newton being fired. So, why would you write that? I trust you wouldn’t want people speculating about you in a public forum.


    1. There is a large garage adjacent to PS, so plenty of parking there. The only problem….is not free.

      1. Thanks for mentioning the financial hardship this presents for employees & residents of PS. If you do the math, you will see that there aren’t enough parking spaces to support a vibrant downtown district. This is, in part, due to municipal planning departments & a planning board that continually approve variances waiving the minimal parking requirements set in the codes. They are shifting the burden from business developers onto working citizens & residents.

  1. Compare downtown Princeton with 20 other downtowns in NJ . . . right, it’s fantastic. Palmer Square and the steady, long-term, pro-community leadership of David Newton is a big reason why.
    How many great events take place on the lawn in front of Nassau Inn? Guess how much they charge folks ($0 would be correct).

    Now compare to Quakerbridge Mall, or the mess that is Princeton Junction/West Windsor (nice place for school buses!?). Montgomery has . . . nothing. Princeton has a downtown, nice ehh?

    Not too mention the plaza next to PNC. Pretty terrific … we are so spoiled.

    High-end? Absolutely. That’s what the market is. Palmer Square is integral to what makes Princeton.

    1. Guess how much he charged tenants monthly for the rent ($5000-$10000 would be correct).

      He lost the post office building ($2M for 11000 sqft premium space was probably too much to him).

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