Protests Planned for Trump’s Lawrenceville Visit Thursday

-Donald_TrumpA rally to protest Donald Trump’s Lawrenceville visit has been scheduled for 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 19.

Trump will be speaking at the National Guard Armory on Eggert Crossing Road at 6 p.m.. He is attending two fundraisers in the Garden State — one to help New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie erase debt from his own White House campaign, and another to benefit the state’s Republican Party.

The visit marks the first time Trump will appear at New Jersey events during his campaign. In Lawrenceville, Trump will appear alongside Christie. Tickets to the event are $200.

Protesters plan to gather at Central Park, across the street from the Armory. The protest is being organized by Martha Friend, a teacher in the Princeton Public Schools district.

“I’m appalled and infuriated that Trump is going to be in my backyard,” said Friend. “I’m hoping to gather as many people as possible to raise awareness over his hatemongering.”

Friend invites anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, to join her in the peaceful protest.

“Let’s remind Trump that our community is about caring and inclusion, rather than fear or ignorance,” she said.

Teacher Amy Pearlmutter  said it is disturbing to have
a presidential candidate who doesn’t deal with the facts, and that it has been difficult to answer her students’ questions about Trump.

“They want to know ‘How come he can say things that aren’t true? You always tell us to check our facts. How come he doesn’t do that?’” she said.

Friend said protesters should bring posters and signs to the rally. Parking will be a challenge, so participants are asked to park on side streets and walk to the site, and carpool if possible.

“I’m not sure how many people will be there, but I do know that we are just one of many groups planning to speak out against Trump and his dangerous rhetoric,” Friend said.


  1. When will these people stop! Don’t they know how ridiculous they look?


    2. How ridiculous they look????? Pot, kettle, Trump is pretty ridiculous looking all on his own.

  2. “Let’s remind everyone that our community is about caring and inclusion”

    Meanwhile you are making a protest to show a person how much you hate them. HAHAHAHA you literally cannot make this up.

      1. LOL. Complain about her wanting to exercise her right to free speech? Good luck with that.

  3. Protest for what? Would you protest if Clinton was coming to town? We don’t support liars and thieves and disrespectful politicians that don’t care about our men and women in uniform. Give me a break!

  4. Clinton was down in South Jersey…Republicans didn’t lose their minds (nor the dems that don’t like her). She’s just as unpopular as Trump. Get a grip, liberals. I suppose Ms Friend tells all her students about Hillary’s many lies, right? How in the word does she answer her students’ questions about that?

    1. Hillary doesn’t spew racist, misogynistic and plain dumb comments 24/7, as Trump does.

      1. Really no she just Lies about her Emails!!!!

        Anyones else would already be in jail for it.

        Right now…. a Romanian man is in jail for hacking into Hillary private Emails. …
        Which has proof of her sending cofidential government emails.

      2. Really? Hillary calling black youth “super predators”?

        What is that called?

    2. Hillary does not make the inflammatory comments that Trump makes. Trump is always throwing verbal hand grenades, then backtracking or even denying he said what he said.

      1. “What difference does it make” was inflammatory to the families of the Benghazi four.

      1. You will make sure of nothing, you are a tiny ant in the world, and there are more people in this country who are sick of dealing with socialism and all the chaos it creates. Perhaps Venezuela would be a more suitable home for you?! People protesting presidential candidate events, I mean this for all candidates, are the lowest form of scum. Everyone has a right to hear their candidate of choice without having to worry about being harassed or their cars being vandalized, etc. The fact that teachers are promoting this protest makes it even more disgusting, you should all lose your jobs. Makes me sick that my tax dollars are paying for teachers to push their liberal tyranny on their students. You’re teaching your students that bullying is okay, and that their rights are more important than others. Like I said, you are the lowest form of scum.

  5. For anyone who would like to better understand why we are protesting, I encourage you to join us. It will not be hateful, it will not be violent, and I know at least I will happily engage in dialogue (not debate) about why this protest it so meaningful to me.

    1. Please specify what hate has Trump personified that turns you off? Do you believe the media like the NY Times that did a hit piece on Trump? NY Times LIES!Don’t believe everything you read. Yers no one is perfect but Trump loved the USA that why I will vote for him.

      1. Hi Abe, thanks for engaging in conversation with me. I will agree with you that many mainstream media outlets are biased or have an agenda, so I tend to take things I read and see with a grain of salt. And I have too often seen Donald Trump speak very poorly of women, Muslims, immigrants to name a few, and these are videos of him speaking directly, not someone else’s commentary. I haven’t heard policy plans or ideas from Trump that I agree with. I don’t believe he has the political savvy nor the knowledge needed to become a great president. I don’t think he’s stupid, but I don’t believe he has the experiences that will give him the best understanding of the job ahead of him. Nobody is perfect, you are right, but I believe there is a better candidate out there, one whose love for the people of our nation both comes from a better place and is truly well placed- so I will not vote for Donald Trump.

        1. Who are you supporting? I think that should be public knowledge since you feel you’re an expert on who is qualified to be President and who is not. You are part of the problem with this country, you have no idea what is truly happening and just repeating MSM rhetoric.

          1. Hi WakeUpAmerica, thank you for your comment! I never claimed expertise on any subject, just expressing my opinion like others on here. I don’t often align myself with what a news channel or article says simply because they say it, but rather listen to what candidates say and decide, in my heart and mind, if that aligns with what I believe. I think I’m relatively well informed, actually. It hurts to hear you think I am part of the problem. I never expressed an opinion above with the intent to be outright hurtful. I feel like you may be making assumptions about me without knowing who I am.

      1. Thanks for your concern, Workingclass! I have a full-time job working for a university.

        1. Kill ’em with kindness, heartofsahe. Kudos to you, I wish I had your patience and cool head.

        2. Well done. The strength and health of our democracy depends on people speaking and and providing their perspectives. Sometimes that involves protesting those who preach hate and who are divisive and dangerous. I applaud you for organizing this.

          1. But will she take responsibility for any violence that occurs? Has she condemned violence and hatred at other Trump rallies?

            1. Hi Thomas, thanks for joining in the conversation! I will take responsibility for violence that I create, which I can assure you will be non-existent. I control what I do, not what others do or how they may react to my non-violent acts. Just as I wouldn’t expect all Republicans to take responsibility for the violence happening on the part of other Republicans at Trump rallies, I hope folks won’t hold me accountable for the actions of other Democrats- people I can’t and shouldn’t be expected to control. If violence does occur today, I will absolutely condemn it, but not take responsibility for it. And yes, I have condemned the violence at other Trump rallies, I condemn violence in all forms.

    2. How about you and I bet…. I say the so called protesting will become violent at some point. The 15 seconds of fame drawl.
      NO violence I send a $15 check to animal rescue of my choice.
      IS violence You send a $15 check to a animal rescue of your choice.

      1. Hi Valerie- thanks for your comment. I’m really not a betting person, I don’t like the idea that your or I have to prove something, that there’s a gotcha! moment, you know? I suppose I should have said: I won’t be violent tomorrow, and I hope others won’t be violent either, but I guess I can’t guarantee how others will act. I have seen footage of violent protesters at both Trump rallies and democratic events, but it is my sincere hope tomorrow will not be violent on the part of our protesters. How about this? I’ll make a kind $30 donation to SAVE in Princeton in our names as a peaceful offering in hopes everyone is safe and makes good choices tomorrow.

        1. That is fine with me. I have no problem people making donations that are needed. You and I both know there are always trouble makers. Hence overfull jails. Sad times..

    1. No, the majority of American people do not bother to vote at all. Seen any election with a 50% turnout? Nope.

      1. Those who vote? They make the decisions. Those who don’t? I don’t care.

  6. My Brother told me today Trumps Daughter will decide if that list of Co Conspirators will be released. Not Christie’s Sister.

  7. This is nothing. Wait until the Dirty Donald starts campaigning after the GOP convention. Several places have already tried to bar him. My favorite was the governor of Washington who said they needed to build a wall around the state when Trump was coming — and make Oregon pay for it. LOL!

  8. Donald J. Trump has useless Christie with Him. He hasn’t done anything for NEW JERSEY he is Governor of. Just in case he forgot….
    FYI>>>> It is not illegal to protest at the rally, as long as you do so without violence or the threat of violence<<<<<<<<<<

    Be interesting to see what and how Christie handles Protesters.
    Governor Chris Christie FYI bit of LAW
    In general, political rallies are held in privately-owned venues and both the venue owner and the campaign have the right to exclude any person for any reason whatsoever. It is not illegal to protest at the rally, as long as you do so without violence or the threat of violence, but if you are asked to leave you must immediately leave, or face arrest for trespassing.
    #TRUMP All the way

  9. No. Protestors stay out of my community as well. Do not park on my side streets. You all tend be rioters instead and I much rather have trump who checks his facts in my backyard than you

    1. Please be careful Mike. … they are promoting Hate rioting…. like Nevada! call police if trouble. I told my mom to call police if she sees any kind of trouble.

    2. Trump checks his facts? You have got to be kidding. Where do I begin? Well, the Washington Post did a great analysis of the lies and falsehoods spread by Trump and other candidates and, surprise, surprise, they found that Trump earned their “Four Pinocchios” ratings 70% of the time, while most politicians earn that rating 10-10% of the time… in short, he is off the charts when it comes to misleading and inaccurate statements — which may make him an interesting reality TV star to some people, but is it really a good trait in someone vying for the position as President of the United States… https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/22/all-of-donald-trumps-four-pinocchio-ratings-in-one-place/

    3. Thank you Mike. My son is going to the Rally and I am afraid for him. I am a teacher in the same district and would never promote this. I feel it is a passive aggressive act. Chances are there will be shouting and things said that are not so nice. Why should my son be afraid and why should I be afraid for him to stand up for something he believes in. I will have to go and wait for him to make sure he is safe outside. I do not have a good feeling about this.

  10. That’s disturbing that this teacher is so ill-informed on Trump’s positions that she can’t answer her student’s questions. And, I’m a teacher! I never had this problem, and clearly articulated all sides in election cycles, regardless of my positions. This teacher isn’t trying hard enough to look beyond biased headlines, pure laziness and hate on her part.
    Protest all you want, but be accurate and know why you are protesting.

    1. Thanks Jill. I’m a teacher as well and my son really wanted to go to this Rally. I’m nervous and scared for him. He’s going with a few friends and one parent but still. This is a teacher and is trying to get as many other people/teacher/possibly students out there. My son has to walk by them? He goes to their school. This is horrible.

      1. Very sad that we have people scared to express themselves politically. It makes me damn angry. How dare they hijack our political system this way, these intolerant bigots. Yes, they’re bigots. Intolerant, prejudiced bigots, who cannot respect our different point of view. I am done with being nice and not calling them out for what they are. I treat everyone with respect and we get this? Shame! *BELL* Shame! *BELL* Shame! *BELL* (Who gets it?! 😉

  11. If you park on my side street, don’t expect your car to be in the same condition you leave it!

    1. Lawrence must be proud to have a violent dolt like you in the community.

  12. I’m appalled and infuriated that someone like you teaches in the Princeton Public Schools.

  13. Those teachers are an embarrassment. Have they checked Hillary’s facts? I bet not.

      1. Nobody said they support Clinton. A good teacher would teach kids both sides of the argument. These teachers/indoctrination experts are obviously biased.

  14. I won’t call these teachers names because I wouldn’t want anyone saying those things to my son, who just turned 15. I am upset this teacher has gotten people together to do this. I’m not sure I understand. We must be tolerant of every living thing as long as it’s what they agree with otherwise, they get verbally violent? I’ve seen it in action. I would understand if someone was attacking this woman personally and then she would need to defend herself. I would also understand if it was literally (as she stated but not true) right in her back yard. I can see her asking someone to step off of her property. She says she is appalled and infuriated, she dislikes his hate mongering and she is gathering as many people (teachers and students??) as possible, making posters to remind him that this community is about caring and inclusion, not fear and ignorance. This is a peaceful protest? Reread that sentence teacher. Why do I fear for my son to attend the Trump Rally? I’m not afraid of Trump, Christie or any other supporter? Why is it then, that I am afraid of this group or other groups, as she threatened, who is having a “friendly protest”? It sounds horribly dangerous to me and I will be there to make sure my son attends, enters safely, and exits safely. I have no words to describe the disgust I feel over the hypocrites I will be seeing tomorrow. To the two teachers, read the friendly and peaceful article that was written about what you plan on doing tomorrow. There is nothing but hatred and violence in your tone. I am very sorry for you and your family.

  15. pos liberal hope she loses her brainwashing position as a prestigious person in so many lives….

  16. You guys in Princeton which is not your
    “backyard” at all its your neighbor should keep your protests in your neighborhood not by our baseball fields. You guys in Princeton don’t even tip your uber drivers lol. Stay away from the baseball fields with all your verbal abuse and protests.

  17. Shame on this TEACHER who should not bring her personal politics public so as to influence students. Worse things can be said about the Clintons, but no one called for ‘protests’ when Bill Clinton visited NJ!

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