Municipality of Princeton conducting parking survey

The town of Princeton is conducting a parking survey in an attempt to solve parking and circulation issues in the municipality.  The Princeton Council hired a Boston-based consultant to analyze parking demands and operations, and provide recommendations.

Officials will look at issues related to parking management, time limits, permits, technology, pricing, enforcement, parking in residential neighborhoods adjacent to the downtown business district, parking for commuter train users, bicycling, and walking. They will also consider future parking needs and strategies to strengthen businesses downtown Princeton.

You can take the survey here.

You can also send comments to engineering @ princetonnj.gov.

An open house to discuss parking issues in town will be held this Wednesday, April 19, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the main meeting room at the former borough hall at One Monument Drive.


  1. Word has the anti-car, anti-family, University & walkable princeton cohort, who have their own routine & place secured in town, are heavily influenced the survey. It’s said to include suggestions to eliminate parking, add a transit system, etc. So parking needs of our handicapped, our elderly, and our multigenerational families (with all of the above plus new babies), who just want to painlessly get everyone into town to enjoy events or do business, may continue to be overlooked. Guess our consolidated town of 30,000+- plans to keep its multiple zip codes, so we all know who’s allowed free, easy access and who must go out of town to do business in places where there’s enough parking for cars.

  2. The parking survey should be titled how can we get more bicycles in Princeton – it would be a more reasonable survey without the obvious bias.

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