Racist, anti-Semitic fliers posted on buildings at Princeton University

Racist and anti-Semitic fliers similar to ones distributed recently at other universities were found posted on some Princeton University buildings yesterday and were removed after school officials received a complaint about them.

The flier, which included anti-immigrant, racist and anti-Semitic comments, were found taped to a door at Stanhope Hall, to the main entrance of the Center for Jewish Life, to a Murray Dodge door, and in East Pyne Hall, school officials said.

Someone contacted the school’s department of public safety to report the fliers. The caller said a person wearing a ski mask and dark clothing was seen taping the fliers to doors.  The fliers listed the web address and phone number for a white nationalist organization.

“Princeton is committed to protecting and promoting free expression, but it regards actions that are threatening or harassing based on identity as serious offenses,” wrote Michele Minter, vice provost for institutional equity and diversity, in an email to the campus community.

“These flyers were contrary to the values of the University, which seeks to create and maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment,” she wrote. “Princeton attaches great importance to mutual respect, and we deplore expressions of hatred directed against any individual or group.”

Public Safety is investigating the case as a bias incident and is working with other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to determine who is responsible, school officials said.

Hours after Princeton officials sent out the email about the fliers, a white nationalist group named Vanguard America tweeted out a flier that singled out Princeton University’s Jewish student population. The flier also targeted immigrants, people from Arab countries,  bi-racial children and women.

Anyone who finds similar fliers on campus or has information about the case is asked to report them to Princeton University’s public safety department at 609-658-1000 or the Princeton University Hotline at (866) 478-9804.



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  • Because there is no need of hiding it either. Looking at it will probably helps people comprehend what is going on and perhaps avoids the assumption that it might not be that bad. I don’t understand why criticizing our local on line news outlet when the goal here is to get facts. Well done, PP, the facts and the pictures are always welcome by this reader.

  • ^^hrm, maybe Vanguard America is not the same as National Vanguard, which was the Gaede twins? In any event, expose the hate, don’t bury it.

  • That’s what journalism is: presenting the facts. If PP hadn’t posted the flyer, you can bet that some folks would’ve said “enh, maybe it wasn’t that bad.” This wasn’t disclosing the name of a sexual assault victim; it was making plain the political ideals of a group – which, btw, if you’ve heard of Prussian Blue/the Nazi twins (who left the group as they became older and able to think for themselves) – this is that group. I support PP’s editorial decision. It’s all too easy for many people to brush hate under the rug unless the depth of it actually is witnessed – I give you our recent election as evidence of that.

  • Planet Princeton is performing a service by showing just how ugly, nasty, racist and hateful this group is. I’m guessing that there are not that many members to this particular group, but there are many hate groups across the nation. We should definitely be concerned and on our guard from such knuckleheads. According to The Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 917 hate groups operating in the US. This includes hate groups that are diametrically opposed to each other.

  • I’m stumped why providing live links to white supremacists’ tweeter feed is necessary. I agree that being aware of, and (especially) responding to, hate in our community is 100% necessary, and I appreciate the work Planet Princeton does. However, I’m not sure re-broadcasting this hate speech adds anything to the article. Providing a conduit to this group is still, indirectly, helping to spread their message, which is part of the reason they are engaging in these activities.

  • So Planet Princeton took a hate-filled printed message that was so ugly it had to be removed from campus and placed it on the internet for all to see????

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