At March for Science in Princeton: ‘Evidence over ignorance’

Demonstrators filled Hinds Plaza in Princeton on Earth Day for the March for Science. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
Marchers make their way down Nassau Street in Princeton. Photo by Abby Allen.
Marchers head to Monument Hall in Princeton with posters slogans “Physics Trumps Politics” and “There is no Planet B.” Photo: Gay Bitter.

More than 2,000 people participated in the March for Science in Princeton Saturday morning as people rallied in Washington, D.C. and hundreds of other cities in support of research and evidence-based policy.

Demonstrators in Princeton gathered on Hinds Plaza for more than an hour and listened to music and speeches before marching along Witherspoon Street and Nassau Street to Monument Hall. Former Princeton councilman Kevin Wilkes was the emcee for the Earth Day event.

Popular poster slogans included “The oceans are rising, and so are we”, “I love science” and “There is no Planet B.”

Princeton area residents participated in marches in Trenton, Doylestown, New York City, Washington, D.C. and other cities. About 1,000 people attended the Trenton March at the War Memorial, including former governor James Florio, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. and New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel.

“With the Trump administration attacking and attempting to intimidate scientists and professionals throughout our government, it is more important than ever that we stand up for science and the indispensable role it must play in making public policy. It is not acceptable to reject scientific findings simply because they do not fit into one’s narrow world view or ideological crusade,” Pallone said.

“We need to stand up for the environment and stand up for science. When you deny science, you deny our future. The attack on science is being done because of corporate polluters, Big Oil and Gas and coal companies. They want to keep the public in the dark about the impacts they have on our environment and public health, said. Tittel.

“President Trump has ordered the EPA not to use the term ‘climate change’ because he doesn’t want to do anything about it. He doesn’t care if homes are flooded, communities are destroyed, and people put in peril. By cutting the EPA budget and rolling back protections, he lives in a fantasy world. This is not a reality show, this is real,” said Tittel. “You can’t have alternative facts and you definitely cannot have alternative science. This is why we’re marching forward to move this country and our planet forward.”

Young rally participants next to Monument Hall. Photo by Abby Allen.
March for Science participants in front of Monument Hall. Photo by Abby Allen.
“I’m always experimenting!” Photo by Abby Allen.
“How would Galileo be faring these days??” Photo by Patricia Casey Connolly.
“If not now, when?” Photo by Gay Bitter.
Marchers at Monument Hall. Photo by Gay Bitter.
Some marchers wore lab coats to the tally in Princeton. Photo by Gay Bitter.
“America runs on science.” Photo by Gay Bitter.
“Doctors + Science = Healthy Citizens.” Photo by Gay Bitter.
“Planet over profit.” Photo by Gay Bitter.
More than 2,000 people participated in the Princeton march. Photo by Gay Bitter.
“Science is not an alternative fact.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.


“Keep alternative facts out of my classroom.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
Science matters. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
Mathematician and child at Hinds Plaza. Photo: Amy Zakar.
You cant drink money. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“Prove it with a beaker, not a Bible.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
A science program display at the March for Science. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
Science demonstrations for children at the March for Science in Princeton. Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“The oceans are rising and so are we.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. ” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“I’m with her.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“Hey Dumb Ass, science Trumps you.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“Evidence based living.” “Evidence over ignorance.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
“Now you’ve pissed off grandma.” Photo: Krystal Knapp.
Marchers on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. Photo: Henry Singer.
The March for Science in Washington, D.C. Photo: Henry Singer.

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  • Good photos! Thanks for covering the March for Science! Would you like a photo of the 2 T rexes who marched with us? Someone undoubtedly has a photo of the “polar bear”, brandishing a poster that pictures a polar bear on a floating ice block, saying HELP!

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