Princeton Council asks state to install new pedestrian crossings on Nassau Street

The Princeton Council unanimously approved a resolution on Monday night asking the New Jersey Department of Transportation to install new pedestrian crossing signals on Nassau Street at Washington Road, Witherspoon Street and University Place.

Pedestrians would all cross at once at the intersections, and then cars would have green light cycles with no pedestrians crossing the streets. All-pedestrian crossing are known as scramble crossings in Canada and “X” crossings in Great Britain. There is already a scramble crossing at the intersection of Nassau Street and Route 206.

The request comes two weeks after a pedestrian was killed crossing Washington Road at Nassau Street. The pedestrian was hit by a cement truck. Police have not released the results of their investigation into the death yet.

Nassau Street, also known as Route 27, is a state road, and the NJDOT must approve any changes to traffic signals, speeds and parking meters.

In the past, the NJDOT has rejected proposals for installing all-pedestrian signals on Nassau Street. Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert said at the meeting Monday night that NJDOT officials have asked to see the police reports related to fatality.


  1. I’m not convinced this will do much for safety and will annoy motorist. I think what will happen is that pedestrians — aka University students — will continue crossing at random and ignoring the signals at these intersections.

  2. When I cross Nassau street with my kids, we wait for cars 250 up. Most stop but there are too many drivers in Princeton only notice themselves and no one else. Always best to proceed cautiously.

    As a driver in Princeton, I’m always amazed at the amount of young Ivy Leaguers willing to step in front of a moving car when you have the right of way.

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