Gilbert Collins wins five games on Jeopardy!

Gilbert Collins won five games on Jeopardy!, earning himself a spot in the Tournament of Champions, an annual tournament featuring the longest-running champions and biggest money winners from the past season or seasons.

The Princeton University administrator at the Woodrow Wilson School of International Affairs lost his sixth game on the episode that aired Wednesday night on ABC.

On Tuesday, Collins wagered $16,001 of his $16,800 in earnings on the final “Jeopardy!” category of the game, “Novels of the 1960s,” with the correct answer, Ian Fleming’s book “You Only Live Twice.” The question was: The line “once when you are born and once when you look death in the face” follows the title of this 1964 novel and 1967 film. That answer brought his total Jeopardy! earnings to $84,201. He won an additional $2,000 for second place on Wednesday.

Collins promised his two young sons he would give them one percent of his Jeopardy! winnings, figuring that if he finished second for $2,000 or third for $1,000 it would mean $20 or $10.


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