Jane consignment shop in Princeton to close in early February

Jane, the fun consignment store that sells clothing, accessories, home goods, art and furniture on Spring Street in downtown Princeton, will close in early February.

The store has been a favorite shop of visitors to Princeton for about a decade.

Realtor Jane Henderson Kenyon, who owns the shop with her daughter, Isabelle, said the pair has decided to focus on other ventures.

“My daughter and I built Jane as a real world platform for people in the community to sell beautiful things they had collected or made,” Henderson Kenyon said. “We’re so proud of the team and community we built over the last decade. We live by our motto ‘reuse, rethink, revitalize; and we know it will live on.”
A farewell celebration, open to the public, will be held at the store on Jan. 25 from 5 p.m. to  8 p.m. The store’s rummage sale will continue, with  50 percent off. Everything will be marked down five percent each day, with remaining items selling for 95 percent off on the last day on Feb. 3.
Jane is the latest store set to close downtown. Lisa Jones on Witherspoon Street is also closing, and Savory Spice next to Jane closed last month. CoolVines a few doors down is also closing.


  1. Another store closing? Jane consignment closing. All these recent store closings, what the hell is happening to Princeton?????
    Really sad.

    1. Get ready for more, assuming Mr. Murphy gets his way on taxes and minimum wage. It’s hard to imagine a more hostile environment for small business.

    2. The rents are pushing the small stores out of princeton!! Over the years many unique stores just can’t adjust to over the top rentals! Off to Lambertville and Hopewell where they value these types of stores!

      1. I think parking in Princeton now has become rather complex and I know several people who simply avoid going there 🙁 Not sure about rents; believe that this store paid more than min wage.

        1. I also agree that the parking is impossible! I find myself driving around 3-4 times and then giving up. It’s as if they really don’t care about having people come!

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