Princeton Police nab man wanted for murder of 46-year-old woman in Corning, New York

Kerrie Neurauter allegedly helped her father murder her mother in August in Corning, New York.

Police officers in Princeton caught a suspect who was wanted by the FBI and and the New Jersey State Police for the murder of his ex-wife in Corning, New York.

Just after 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the Princeton Police Department was advised by the New Jersey State Police that  suspect in a New York homicide who was about to be arrested had been tracked into Princeton. The subject’s vehicle was identified as a silver Toyota Prius.

A communications officer for the Princeton Police Department checked municipal surveillance cameras and spotted the vehicle on the roof of the Spring Street Parking Garage. The communications officer advised the patrol sergeant on duty and detectives that the vehicle had been located. The vehicle’s presence was confirmed and the suspect,  Lloyd Neurauter of North Brunswick, was located at the parking garage. Neurauter worked in the Princeton area.

Lloyd Neurauter was found at the Spring Street Garage in Princeton.

Neurauter, 45, threatened to harm himself by jumping from the five-story garage, but was talked out of doing so by Princeton officers and New Jersey State Police detectives. He was then taken into custody. No injuries occurred as a result of this incident.

On Aug. 28, 46-year-old Michele Neurauter was found dead in her home in Corning, New York. Michele Neurauter is the ex-wife of Neurauter and the mother of Kerrie Neurauter, 20, a fourth year undergraduate at the Rochester Institute of Technology. .

Corning Police immediately labeled her death as being suspicious and started an investigation. Law enforcement officials said Michele Neutauter was a victim of domestic violence. The murderers tried to make the death look like a suicide by strangulation, police said. Officers from the Corning Police, New York State Police, and the FBI reviewed evidence and conducted interviews, then searched for the suspects in Syracuse, New York, and in North Brunswick. They executed warrants in both towns yesterday.

The daughter, Kerrie Neurauter, was arraigned in Corning and sent to the Steuben County Jail yesterday. Lloyd Neurauter was jailed  at the Mercer County Corrections Center pending extradition to New York State. Both have been charged with second-degree murder.

Editor’s Note: The original caption on the photo was incorrect. Pictured is Kerrie Neutauter, the daughter of Michele Neutauter. She and her father allegedly murdered her mother and tried to make it look like a suicide. 


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