Photo: Princeton First Aid Squad receives $15,000 grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad has received a $15,000 grant from Bristol Myers Squibb to provide EMT classes to new volunteers, and advanced emergency medical and rescue training to all members of the squad. The Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad is an independent, volunteer-led organization that provides Princeton residents, visitors, and students with emergency medical care. Volunteer EMTs respond to hundreds of calls annually. Pictured: Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad EMT Annie Ferry (second from r) demonstrates the LUCAS 2 chest compression system to Mimi Bailey of Bristol-Myers Squibb, with Matt Stiff and McKenna Brownell. The device all squad members train on provides uninterrupted chest compressions. The grant will support ongoing and up-to-date training on the device and other emergency medical devices.

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