Mercer County sets up pothole hotline

Mercer County has set up a pothole hotline where residents can report roads in need of repairs.

County crews regularly patrol the roadways, but cannot locate every pothole. If you see a pothole on a Mercer County roadway, report its location to a dispatcher by calling 609-530-7510, providing specific information about the location of the pothole including helpful landmarks, the travel lane direction, adjacent addresses and any information that could assist workers in locating and repairing the pothole.

If you are not certain the road in question is maintained by the county roads unit, refer to the county routes and roadways webpage for listings by municipality. If the roadway is not under county jurisdiction, officials will forward the information to the proper authority for action.

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  1. “Mercer County Sets Up Pothole Hotline”

    They NEEDED A HOTLINE? Just open the WAZE app, and see all the reports. Honestly, I have been reporting the SAME car-engulfing potholes growing all winter long, reporting them daily (sometimes twice a day) on Waze. There is NO MAINTENANCE being done, even for roadways that are clearly damaging cars and tires.

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