Photos: Area students protest gun violence and remember Florida victims (updated)

Students gather outside Princeton High for the walkout. An estimated 1,000 students participated, according to other students. Photo: Sofia Manekia.
Hundreds of students at Princeton University attended a rally against gun violence at noon on Wednesday. Photo: Veronica Olivares-Weber.
Students at the Princeton Charter School hang peace cranes on a fence. Students there participated in a walkout and teach-in. Princeton Police Officer Frank Pinelli lowered the flag to half-mast as middle school students kept 17 minutes of silence. Students made 1,000 white origami cranes and 17 colored cranes, one for each victim of the Parkland Shooting,. Photo submitted by Princeton Charter School.

Students at John Witherspoon Middle School expressed their sentiments with chalk drawings and slogans. Photo submitted by reader Abigail Allen.
John Witherspoon Middle School students, photo courtesy of Kyara Torres-Olivares.

The crowd at the Princeton High walkout. Photo: Sofia Manekia
Arms are for hugging. Protect children, not guns. Photo: Princeton High senior Sofia Manekia.
@#$%#% the NRA. Keep war weapons out (of schools). Photo: Princeton High senior Sofia Manekia
We thought, we prayed, now we act. Photo: Princeton High senior Sofia Manekia
Supporters of the students. Photo: Princeton High senior Sofia Manekia
Princeton High senior Helen Bennett at the high school walkout. Photo: Princeton High senior Sofia Manekia.
Students at John Witherspoon Middle school express their support with chalk drawings. Photo submitted by Martha Friend.
Never again. We stand with you. Photo submitted by Martha Friend.

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  1. Jwms student here. During our walkout speeches were silenced by staff, signs were taken away if they had the word gun on them (or a picture) and chalk mentioning what the walkout was actually about was washed off. All was censored by the principal and vice.

    1. I have a call in to the principal to ask about this issue as both parent and staff member. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention!

  2. This is pointless the march was pointless they can’t change anything even if they protest as we see that BLM and LGBTQ and Anti Trump Protest have never worked or changed anything beside making it more unsafe and worse. Don’t take our guns away!

  3. Oh my…this is not a walk out. This was sponsored by Alt Left Democrats and the NJEA. Using these naive kids to promote a political agenda is scary.

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