White nationalist posters spotted in downtown Princeton

Some visitors to Nassau Street in downtown Princeton Saturday morning spotted white nationalist group posters on two kiosks.

The posters allegedly were distributed by a group called the New Jersey European Heritage Association based in Central New Jersey. The phone number listed on the poster is a New Brunswick number.

One one website, the group is described as “men of European descent coming together to preserve their heritage, race, and nation.” The group also claims that “the European race is in a struggle for survival.” Anti-feminist, anti-Semitic, and racist statements are posted on some websites associated with the group.

Some of the posters have been taken down, readers reported.


    1. There is no such thing as “race,” dope. Some members of the human race happen to have white skin. People like you show white skin is not indicative of intelligence or good morals. Please go back under your rock.

      1. So this person states an opinion and gets personally attacked. Way to further the discourse.

        1. Shove it. You children are just starting fights in the playground and crying to the teacher “freedom of speech!”. Can’t hide behind that when you are just using it to mess with people.

          1. ^see what i mean ^

            maybe instead of attacking, ask him why he feels this way.

            or just continue with your hypocritical phony outrage.

            1. We don’t care “why he feels that way”. We refuse to normalize any discussion over your “white grievances.” As someone else posted, go back under your rock.

              1. You cannot hide from the truth.
                You know that you cannot win an honest and open debate.

              2. for starters, let’s examine why you assume i even agree with the statement (i do not). folks like you long for the next item to be outraged about, so you can feel some sort of ephemeral sense of moral superiority. princeton is the capital of the type of rich, elitist, phony liberal who says all the right things but doesn’t want any poor people living near them, and you seem to fit that mold perfectly. i will defend everyone’s right to air their grievances. you need only to look at yourself to realize you are part of the problem, and assure you the powers that be hope you will continue down your path of fear and hatred. i refuse to react in kind to silly statements on that flyer, but i think trying to understand and bring these people back into the fold of decency is the best thing we can do if we ever hope to heal our nation. blessings, joy and prosperity to all.

      2. All science supports the existence of race.
        Some liars claim there is no such thing.
        Any child can distinguish races, and there is more to it than skin color.

        And yes, Caucasians are a threatened minority.

    2. Correction: the white supremacist is endangered. Why? Because most people choose not to believe that they are superior because of the melanin in their skin. White supremacy is a dying belief. Good riddance.

  1. How do you feel after reading this post?

    I think that the poster was intentional and meant to foment distrust, anger etc.

    Does the New Jersey European Heritage Association actually exists?

  2. Looks like fake news propagated by Princeton Loonies. I have no idea who this group is, what they stand for etc. However, if you changed White to any other color I would bet that Planet Princeton would be providing them with free advertising and assisting them in their recruitment and communication efforts!

    Just sayin…

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