Twelve reasons to attend Art All Night in Trenton this weekend

Art All Night kicks off at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Roebling Wire Works building in Trenton.

Thousands of visitors are expected to attend Art All Night in Trenton this weekend. The 24-hour gathering at the Roebling Wire Works this Saturday and Sunday has become one of the top annual events in the city. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones while enjoying the arts. Following are just a dozen of the reasons you might want to check out the event and see why more than 15,000 people from the region and beyond will make the trip to Trenton.

1. The Art – The Wire Works building is transformed into a pop-up art gallery featuring more than 1,200 pieces of art submitted by area artists and residents. Anyone can submit one piece of art, from elementary school children to amateur photographers to professional sculptors. The result of this democratic process is a broad range of art on display.

2. The Bands – Art All Night will feature more than 60 bands on three stages, including many local performers. Molly Rhythm, Honah Lee, Black Collar Biz, Chalk and the Beige Americans, the Band of Changes and the Trenton Children’s Chorus are just some of the bands that will perform.

3. The Films – The Trenton International Film Festival is back for another year. More than 3,000 entries were received this year. Over 2,000 of the submissions came from outside of the United States.

4. The Food – Two food courts will feature more than a dozen food trucks on Saturday, including the Tot Cart, Jammin Crepes, My Four Sons and Sweet Lavender Desserts.

5. The Silent Disco – The silent disco is a favorite for visitors of all ages. Choose from three different DJ’s in an interactive wireless headphone disco. The line is always out the door so come dressed to impress and bring your dance moves.

6. The Hebrew Hammer Blacksmith – Daniel Lapidow, also known as the Hebrew Hammer, will make a variety of small items and explains historic and modern blacksmithing techniques.

7. The Dueling Muralists – Top graffiti artists will battle to create the best large-scale mural showcasing all of their skills in just 24 hours. Watch as the aerosol turns to art.

8. Freaky Bikes All Night – The Trenton Bicycle Modification Association will be creating music in motion. Get your gears turning while watching the group weld and engineer a moving musical instrument.

9. Glass blowing – Watch artisans turn hot glass into pendants, marbles and small sculptures. Learn about the practical and artistic applications of the craft.

10. The Roebling Machine Shop Tour – Historian Clifford Zink of Princeton will present a visual display of the Wire Works building’s past. He will show you some of the unique pieces and artifacts he has collected over the years while researching and writing about the Roebling family and factories. Zink will also give tours of the Wire Works building at 9 a.m. and noon on Sunday.

11. The 24 Hour Music Video – Video and installation artist Bill Nobes and his crew will be teaching visitors about video and filmmaking while making a video. The installation will move to different production locations throughout the night. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be an extra.

12. The Children’s Art Zone – Working with the team from the New Jersey State Museum, the Children’s Home Society and the Trenton Community Music School, children can take a box and create something creative.

Art All Night is held at the Roebling Wire Works at 675 South Clinton Avenue in Trenton from 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 16, 2018 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, June 17. Free parking is available in the county parking lot on Broad Street across from the McDade administration building. Art All Night is organized by Artworks Trenton,Trenton’s downtown visual arts center. For more information about Art All Night and a full schedule of events and offerings, visit artallnighttrenton.org. Art All Night is free but donations are collected at the door. Donations support Artworks programs.


  1. Reason #13: Witness for yourself the efficacy of NJ’s preposterous gun control regime, which harasses law abiding citizens while doing zippo to control the actual problem. Reason # 14: Assess first-hand the wisdom of promoting an event that attracts people to Trenton late at night. It was only a matter of time. Trenton an arts hub? Yeah, right.

    1. It’s sad when the first thought of gun lovers after a tragedy is to attack gun control legislation instead of mourning the violence. What is wrong with them?

      1. It is sad when the first thought of “anti personal freedom lovers” after a tragedy is to attack the constitution and legal law abiding gun owners, instead of calling it what it is…URBAN and SOCIETAL DECAY created and supported by LEFT WING policies.

        What is wrong with them?

        1. What is wrong with you, guns are not banned in NJ. If you want to purchase a gun, go for it. You constantly use straw men arguments and red herrings to obfuscate and to promote a right wing agenda.

            1. Unfortunately, pretty much everything you’ve posted has been fake. One example: no one is attacking the constitution. Gun control laws are legal under the Constitution. Second example: I’m no left winger.

              Can we focus instead on the tragedy? A 13 year old boy almost died. How can we prevent future tragedies? Some of us believe gun control laws will help improve the situation over time. You clearly have a different opinion. Do you have any suggestions on how to reduce future incidents?

              1. Now, THAT is a constructive comment.

                Metal detectors and possibly some other kinds of screening (for inebriation?) might have helped limit attendance by the less desirable members of the Trenton community. Easy for me to write 4 days after.

    2. This event had been going on for 12 years without any incident. You pro gun people seem to be unaware that it’s possible to purchase a gun in NJ. You pro gun people seem to think the more guns there are the better life will be. Really?

      1. Trenton averages at least 2 Murders/Month, 6 Rapes/Month, 40 Robberies/Month and over 50 Assaults/Month.

        One place where crime increased last year was in the state’s capital. Trenton had a 10.7 percent increase in violent crime. There were 21 murders in 2016, up from 17 in 2015. Robberies were up by 6.2 percent to 427. Assaults went up by 12.5 percent to 620.

        Yes nothing to see here…everything is fine.

          1. “12 years without any incident” hahahahaha….

            The sponsors were negligent by not having armed security there. In addition, the police in my opion, are also negligent they should have had a presence there knowing what happens after the bars and liquors stores close in Trenton. They all knew there was a risk and did nothing!

            1. The police did close down the event when fights started to break out in the hall and that was before any shots were fired.

              1. Where were they before the ______ hit the fan? Even in Princeton such an event would have had several police cars and paid security.

                1. Clearly you were not there because if you were you would know there was a very strong police presence.

              2. I was there and the event was still going when the fight broke out and the shots were fired.

                1. Thanks for the clarification, I was going by articles written in NJ dot com and Patch. Thank God you were not injured and it must have been horrible and terrifying to witness all the tragic events that transpired at the art show. I cannot even imagine what you went through; it’s a tragedy for Trenton and for all of us, not just in NJ but the whole country. Stay well and many thanks for all you do; you should not have to risk your life to report on a positive and uplifting event.

                  1. I was there as a volunteer right inside the entrance keeping track of the number of people entering and making sure hands were stamped. Thanks for your sentiments though. Nj.com isn’t what it used to be and the Trentonian is a much better source for covering this. Patch just swipes everyone else’s content and repackages it, so they probably just rewrote the njcom story.

            2. You write without knowing the facts. Also, you continuously comment in attack mode and never make constructive comments. Therefore unfortunately you will be blocked from commenting further. Having been injured at the event my tolerance for vitriol is zero right now and your comments do not promote constructive dialogue or provide factual information.

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