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The Gingered Peach raises almost $2G for Artworks in Trenton

The Gingered Peach staff celebrate selling all 500 Trenton Volcanoes for Artworks, the organizer of Art All Night.

Joanne Canady-Browne heard about the shooting at Art All Night in Trenton last week and knew she had to do her part to show her support for Artworks, the nonprofit that organizes the event. For the last five years, she has attended the 24-hour arts festival at the Roebling Wire Works in Trenton. It is one of her favorite events.

“What they are doing in Trenton at Artworks is great. I’ve always make a point to get out there to support them. I was there earlier the night of the shooting and it was an amazing event,” Canady-Browne said. “There is amazing potential and creativity in that city. There are so many wonderful artists. As someone who creates art through food, their cause resonates with me. They make awesome things and share them without expecting anything in return.”

Canady-Browne developed a Trenton-themed bakery product a few years ago for art curator C.a. Shofed’s “Common Threads” exhibition at Hopewell Valley Vineyards. Her creation, the Trenton Volcano, features Case’s pork roll, spinach, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, and everything-bagel seasoning on a brioche. “It’s basically an encased breakfast sandwich,” Canady-Brown said. “I received such good feedback about it that it became a regular bakery item.”

She had her bakers make 500 Trenton Volcanoes last week to show Artworks and Trenton some love. She announced that all the proceeds from the Trenton Volcano sales would go to Artworks, and her customers responded. In four days she sold out, raising $1,875.

“Some people say ‘well, Trenton is what it is , and that is what it is going to be.’ But that is not what it has to be,” Canady-Browne said. “People are trying to do something positive. Then they sometimes watch as it falls apart. They become disheartened. It is why progress stops. As someone who has learned lessons about failure from opening a business, I know it takes a toll on you when you do something and it doesn’t go the way you intended, even when your intentions are good. I’m happy to support Artworks and Art All Night. I believe in what they are doing.”

Canady-Browne has been attending Art All Night since 2014. At her first Art All Night people posted their hopes for Trenton on balloons.