Cat missing in Princeton, dog found in West Windsor

Osito the cat

Update Oct. 31: Osito the cat has been found. Thanks to all who shared the post. 

Osito went missing from his Princeton home since Friday night, October 12. He lives in the area around Mountain Avenue and Pardoe / Mountain Lakes Park. Osito is a black cat with yellow eyes. His owner describes him as a sweet, rather skittish kitty. He is likely to run away if you get closer to him than an arms length. He has a microchip, and is not wearing a collar.

Dog found in West Windsor

In West Windsor, a dog was found roaming around on Edinburg Road near Galston on Tuesday. The small, white dog has a red collar, but no tags or chip. Contact the West Windsor Police Department at 609-799-1222 if you recognize this sweet pooch.