Two Sevens restaurant in Princeton closes

The interior of Two Sevens. File photo.

Two Sevens Eatery & Cantina on Witherspoon Street in Princeton was closed down by the Fenwick Hospitality Group yesterday. The decision to close the eatery was announced in a message to patrons.

The restaurant was an open space with large windows and an industrial feel that seated 100  people, and featured food from Central and South America. The bar served Latin spirits, wine, beer, and cocktails.

“After opening three successful restaurants in Princeton over the years, Two Sevens opened with the same enthusiasm and excitement to offer a gathering place for the community to enjoy and connect over a great meal,” reads the message from the Fenwick Hospitality Group. “While we received praise for the authentic food and positive feedback on our restaurant, Two Sevens was not evolving in a manner acceptable to our team.”

The restaurant concept for the space, which is located at 277  Witherspoon Street next to the AvalonBay apartments, will be redesigned. The Fenwick Hospitality group plans to reopen a revamped restaurant some time in the spring.

Fenwick Hospitality, owned by Jim Nawn, also operates Agricola, The Dinky Bar, and Cargot Brasserie.

3 Responses

  • I applaud Mr. Nawn’s risk taking. The restaurant business is not easy. I hope he can make this location work. It’s a nice addition to the community.

  • Great food, but 2x the price it should be. This works when you are by Princeton Univ or downtown, but in an off-pitch location such as mid-Witherspoon, you have to have prices that make the a place people regularly come back to. Very few people are going to wander into 77s by accident, like they might at the other Fenwick Princeton locations. Given that Tortugas is established, right down the street, and already pricey enough, going still pricier is a dicey proposition. If a quality sushi place were here, I’d consider it, since it’s most sushi places in Princeton are abysmal. Only problem is, sushi does not look to be in Fenwick’s core competency list of restaurant styles. And if this is how expensive cheap food needed to be to make it here, the sushi prices would be horrifying Im sure. Not entirely sure what would work in this location. Maybe a jazz club. (which is what the old Elements should have been.) But then everyone in Avalon would be up in arms.

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