Another groping incident takes place in downtown Princeton

At about 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, a woman was groped on Franklin Avenue near Walnut Lane, police said.

A 19-year-old reported to police that she was walking west on Franklin Avenue approaching Walnut Lane when someone approached her from behind and grabbed her buttocks.

The victim describes the suspect as a possibly Hispanic-looking male who is about 5’ 4”, and is heavy set with a medium skin tone. He was wearing a black skull cap or cap-type hat. He may or may not be driving a white pickup truck of an unknown make and model.

Several similar incidents have taken place in Princeton over the last few years. It is unclear if all the incidents are related. Relatives of girls who have been groped have told Planet Princeton the incidents affected the girls long-term and made them afraid to walk in their neighborhoods or town alone. In at least one case, a suspect was identified but was not prosecuted because he allegedly has a developmental disability.

Please contact the Princeton Police Department at 609-921-2100, ext. 0 if you witnessed this incident or you have any information about the incident.


  1. It was all over the Town Topics police blotter saying the suspect =Hispanic. The race of no other suspect in the police blotter is mentioned in the Town Topics.. It doesn’t say white suspect or Black Suspect … We have too many police. There is a $2-$3 MLN line item in our town budget for the cops to fine us the citizenry before any violations are committed -for ridiculous things in our own driveways practically -which btw is unconstitutional illegal search and seizure, regularly coming into the homes of private citizens without warrants

    and yet no real policing to make the community safer is going on. Our children regularly parade around our neighborhoods high on marijuana etc. When they do open their mouths it is in the most ignorant, racist ways, only to bring on law suits and civil rights violations that we the taxpayers have to fund.

    They are always saying alleged perpetrators are Hispanic in the police blotter. Regularly and repeatedly.

    What does it mean to be possibly Hispanic-looking? What does it mean to be Hispanic-looking? Hispanics or Latinos look all kinds of ways.

    What does it mean to be Hispanic-looking? Is it legal for the police to say this in the police blotter… Hispanics look all kind of ways

    How could she tell he is Hispanic… there is no real way to tell that unless the person is speaking Spanish? .. Hispanic is not a race… or a physical description of a person… this is very very very bad community policing and probably illegal. We have too many police. All they do is get sued for violating our rights… and think of all the rights they violate that they have not yet been sued for – parking on our private property, taking bribes from local developers to park on their lots and ticket folks questionably… Firing and shooting mentally ill men who are unarmed…

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