Democrat decides to run as independent in Princeton Council race

Adam Bierman

Democrat Adam Bierman has changed his political party affiliation to unaffiliated and will run as an independent in the general election this November as a candidate for Princeton Council.

Bierman has criticized the endorsement process in Princeton and decided last month to boycott the Princeton Community Democratic Organization’s local candidates forum. People who want to vote to endorse candidates at the club meeting must register to become members two weeks before the meeting, and must pay a fee to join the club. The fee is $15, but residents who want a reduced fee can mail in a form to become members for $5. Bierman has called the system “pay to play.” Only 165 people voted at the endorsement meeting last month, and several people who attended noted the lack of diversity in terms of age and race.

Bierman has not provided specifics about his platform on local issues yet, but said he will make his case for serving on the council in the coming months leading up to the November election. He said he will continue to question past practices of the municipal government that do not advance the welfare of Princeton’s citizens. “Priorities of Princeton should be schools. safety, taxes, and housing,” Bierman said. “Too often there is inaction by council members.  We need to send them a message.”

He said competence on carrying out municipal projects like parking meter systems, transparency for all public undertakings, and efforts to make Princeton livable and affordable for more people are the goals of his campaign.


  1. As well-meaning and dedicated as some of the people in the PDCO are, this small group has had undue influence on the elected leadership of this town for too long. And while the membership fee may not be high, it is “pay to play” at least as it works here. Good for you, Adam, you’ve got my vote.

  2. Congratulations, Adam. We need a clear and independent cry for transparency all around.

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