New Lawrence Shake Shack features local custard creations

Joanne Canady-Brown, the owner of the Gingered Peach, visits the Lawrence Shake Shack, which features her baked goods in frozen custard desserts. The Bent Spoon is another local business that has partnered with the Shake Shack. Photo courtesy of the Gingered Peach.

The Shake Shack restaurant chain opened its first location in Mercer County on Monday morning. The restaurant is located at 3303 Brunswick Pike/Route 1 South across from the Quaker Bridge Mall.

Shake Shack sells Angus beef burgers, chicken sandwiches, griddled flat-top dogs, frozen custard, fries, and other items.

Shake Shack has a cult-like following among burger lovers. The Lawrence restaurant is the first Shake Shack in Mercer County. Photo: Jessica Giesey.

Three items on the frozen custard mix-in menu currently feature ingredients from local businesses: The Blackout Cookie, a chocolate custard with marshmallow sauce, and Gingered Peach Bakery Blackout Cookie; Pie Oh My, a vanilla custard blended with pieces of seasonal pie from the Gingered Peach; and Spoon Feed, a vanilla custard with fudge sauce, the Bent Spoon salted caramel brownie, and sprinkles.

Asked what it’s like to have her creations featured at Shake Shack, Gingered Peach Bakery founder Joanne Canady-Brown said it feels pretty great.

“A fair amount of planning went into it, but Shake Shack’s recipe development team was very considerate of our brand and easy to work with,” Canady-Brown said.

The Blackout Cookie custard features the Gingered Peach Bakery’s Blackout Cookie. Photo courtesy of the Gingered Peach.

The 3,403 square-foot restaurant features an outdoor patio, tabletops made using reclaimed bowling alley lanes, chairs using sustainable materials, and booths made using lumber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Lawrence Shake Shack location referred to by the company as the Princeton Shake Shack, will donate 5 percent of sales from the Pie Oh My dessert to The Jillian Fund, a financial resource for families and children suffering life-threatening illnesses requiring critical care.

The new Shake Shack is located in Route 1 South/Brunswick Pike just across from the Quaker Bridge Mall.


  1. It’s sad that businesses are ashamed to be associated with Lawrence Township and use the Princeton name. I for one will boycott this business.

  2. Don’t be an anonymous putz, that whole area is called Princeton and has been for over 20 years.

  3. While it is sad that a commenter feels comfortable resorting to name calling to further his opinion in this matter, it is sad and obvious that the same commenter must be new to the area and therefore is unable to differentiate our area places by name. Jugtown, Penns Neck, Princeton Junction, Cedar Grove, as well as Lawrenceville, Lawrence Station, Cox’s Corner, Harney’s Corner, are all fine old place names now washed away by a tide of unknowing or uncaring arrivistes. It is indeed unfortunate that so many try to capitalize on the name of Princeton without appreciating or understanding the history and value of the neighboring communities, without whom the subject community would be in dire straits. For the record, US Route 1 enters no part of either Princeton, or its former comprising municipalities. The Shake Shake will be in Lawrence Township, not far from Baker’s Basin.

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