Five Princeton University students, 10 staff members, test positive for coronavirus so far

Five students and 10 staff members at Princeton University have tested positive for the coronavirus so far as of Sunday, March 22, according to Princeton University Health Services.

Seventeen university staff members total have been tested for the coronavirus, according to university officials. The 10 staff members who tested positive are in their homes in self-isolation. Three staff members have tested negative, and four are still waiting for test results, school officials said.

Thirty-six university students have been tested for COVID-19 so far, according to university officials. One student living on campus has tested positive and is in isolation. Another student tested negative, left the campus, and returned home. Four more students who live on campus are waiting for test results and are self-isolating.

Four students off-campus tested positive for COVID-19. Four students who are off campus tested negative, and 22 off-campus students are still waiting for test results.

School officials are working with health departments to conduct contact tracing in cases were students or staff members tested positive for the coronavirus.