Hometown Heroes: Princeton area people making a difference during the coronavirus pandemic (March 23 edition)

We’ve asked readers to tell us about people in the greater Princeton area community who are making a difference helping them or others during the COVID-19 crisis, for example, a cashier, a nurse, a doctor, a neighbor, or someone helping distribute food and supplies. Send your photos and stories to editor @ planetprinceton.com.

Four people emailed us on Sunday about Princeton resident Liliana Morenilla, who runs a food pantry out of the Henry Pannell Learning Center at 2 Clay Street in downtown Princeton. She also works to connect people with needed services and resources. “Agradecida con Liliana Morenilla por su apollo ala comunidad (grateful to Liliana Morenilla for her support for the community),” wrote Maria Estrada.” Another resident wrote “Una gran persona de corazón noble (a great person with a noble heart).”

Liliana Morenilla at the food pantry at the Henry Pannell Learning Center.

Danny Busch emailed us about his colleague at McCaffrey’s in Princeton, Steven Pisabaj, who is a cashier.”He is always so helpful to me at Princeton Mccaffreys and always so kind!” Busch wrote. “Shout out to him!”

Steven Pisabaj greets everyone with a smile at McCaffrey’s supermarket in Princeton.

Cynthia Clausen said she is grateful for all the nurses and healthcare workers who are working on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic, including her daughter, Deb Clausen Galant. “Thanks to all of the nurses and staff who take care of us during these unsettling times,” she wrote. “You are all truly appreciated! Stay safe!”

Deb Clausen Galant models her protective gear for her mom in a photo she sent her.

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  1. This is wonderful! I’m so grateful to Lil, Steven, Deb and everyone else who is working to help us all in this nasty time. Keep safe, y’all and THANK YOU!

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