Updated COVID-19 vaccination rates for the Princeton region

Following are the COVID-19 vaccine rates for the Princeton region. These statistics represent the percentage of residents in each municipality who have received the complete course of a vaccine and not just the first dose. The information was taken from the state’s COVID dashboard on Wednesday afternoon. We have listed “NA” for not available for the 65 and over group in some municipalities because the dashboard lists a percentage above 100 percent in those cases.

Cranbury, Hightstown, and Pennington have the highest percentage of vaccinated residents, with almost 80 percent of residents of all ages being fully vaccinated. Trenton has the lowest percentage of fully vaccinated residents at just 36 percent.

In Princeton, 68 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, and 75 percent of residents have received at least one vaccine dose.


All Ages:78%
18 and over:93%
65 and over:NA

East Windsor:

All Ages:64%
18 and over:80%
65 and over:91%


All Ages:47%
18 and over:54%
65 and over:76%


All Ages:55%
18 and over:67%
65 and over:84%


All Ages:79%
18 and over:NA
65 and over:NA

Hopewell Borough:

All Ages:69%
18 and over:83%
65 and over:NA

Hopewell Township:

All Ages:61%
18 and over:73%
65 and over:86%


All Ages:58%
18 and over:67%
65 and over:92%


All Ages:68%
18 and over:83%
65 and over:95%


All Ages:77%
18 and over:91%
65 and over:NA


All Ages:68%
18 and over:76%
65 and over:94%


All Ages:70%
18 and over:84%
65 and over:97%


All Ages:65%
18 and over:82%
65 and over:93%

Rocky Hill:

All Ages:71%
18 and over:86%
65 and over:94%

South Brunswick:

All Ages:68%
18 and over:85%
65 and over:NA


All Ages:36%
18 and over:45%
65 and over:67%

West Windsor

All Ages:72%
18 and over:88%
65 and over:97%

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  1. I’d check those Cranbury numbers. Given the political tilt there, it’s highly improbable, even with the older age skew, that 93% of 18+ are vaccinated.

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