Some Princeton residents frustrated about lingering power outages

A tree and downed wires have been blocking Westcott Road since Wednesday afternoon.

Residents in portions of the Western Section have been without power since Wednesday afternoon, as have other Princeton neighborhoods and a few private schools.

While many trees and poles have been removed, others still sit across the middle of roadways, leaving residents to wonder when their power will be restored.

A tree and wires have straddled Westcott Road since Wednesday afternoon. Residents in the neighborhood say they have been told they will get power back when municipal workers cut up and remove the tree. But the workers can’t cut the tree until PSE&G takes down the wires. Residents wonder why it is taking so long for the tree to be removed, and are frustrated because they can’t get any answers from the town or PSE&G.

As of 9 a.m. on Friday there were still 1,200 homes in Princeton without power, which is about 10 percent of PSE&G’s customers in the municipality. That figure represents almost 60 percent of the remaining 2,100 power outages in Mercer County.

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  1. Good work, Mercer County officials! Well-coordinated storm response … area brought to its knees for most of the work week due to a snow storm. Bravo.

  2. It is very frustrated that our community lost power for almost 5 days. The power infrastructure at Princeton is so out of date and more likes the grid in an underdeveloped country. It is the time for PSE&G to take actions and get it upgraded. As a town hit by power outages more frequently, PSE&G should really consider and build the new power lines underground. As residents in Princeton, we should push for the changes.

  3. Some readers have criticized the residents who were frustrated. The residents were frustrated because of the poor communication or lack of communication at all. These residents get that others have endured more.

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