White nationalist stickers found on lampposts in downtown Princeton

Readers have reported seeing large stickers on lampposst in Princeton promoting a white nationalist group.

The stickers promoting the New Jersey European Heritage Association were seen on a lamppost on the corner of Nassau Street and Harrison Street, and on a lamppost on Washington Road near the Woodrow Wilson School. Some readers reported that they scraped the stickers off the poles.

Racist flyers promoting the group that were posted on kiosks in Princeton in March were quickly removed. Other anonymous flyers expressing racist views were found on the Princeton University campus in December of 2017.

In the past, some residents have questioned whether the group actually exists and has a presence in Central New Jersey.

Last Sunday at the Unite the Right 2 rally in Washington D.C. that was organized by white nationalist Jason Kessler, at least four of the two dozen or so rally participants wore helmets emblazoned with the website address for the New Jersey European Heritage Association.

The white nationalist group calls on people to “secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The group promotes the ideologies of a number of white supremacist organizations across the United States, including the National Vanguard and the National Policy Institute.The group’s activity is being tracked by the state’s homeland security office and several national anti-hate groups.


  1. If the sticker was truly at the corner of Nassau and Harrison then it is gone now. If that white nationalist group comes back into this town white folks need to en masse make it very clear they are not welcome. my opinion, It is up to white people to shut it down. I’m happy to give my phone number to anyone willing to reach out should they see this disgusting group or anyone like them.

  2. Spotted another one of these at the corner of Heathcote Rd. and Rt. 27 in Kingston the other day – it’s on the traffic light.

  3. I spotted a small sign on a pole by the pedestrian bridge over the D&R Canal and it has since been removed. The web site is hideous and disgusting; nothing but racism, intolerance and bigotry. Hopefully this group has already been infiltrated by the FBI unless it’s a fake group, the creation of one or two people from one of the larger hate groups. They’re nothing but a group of knuckle-dragging knuckle heads.

    1. I spotted the sign on July 28 while biking the D&R tow path. I nearly missed it but the graphic of the Roman or Greek warrior piqued my interest and so I stopped and read the sign and immediately realized it was a racist group. I took a picture of it. I did walk my bike across the pedestrian bridge.

  4. There’s a new or different racist group posting flyers around Princeton: “PRINCETON, NJ — The white supremacist group Identity Evropa posted to Twitter about its recent activity in Princeton last week. The group posted pictures to its account of flyers it recently posted on Nassau Street.”

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