Nassau Street Panera closes permanently

The Panera on Nassau Street is one of the first businesses in Princeton to close permanently during the pandemic.

Several Panera locations across the country have closed permanently during the coronavirus outbreak. The company appears to have chosen to close locations that are near their other stores but are not performing as well. The Panera eateries in Plainsboro and West Windsor will remain open, and Princeton customers can still get Panera delivered from those locations.

Planet Princeton reached out to Panera and the local franchise contact early this week for comment on why the Princeton Panera was closed down, but as of Friday we have not received a response.

The Panera on Nassau Street was a popular meetup spot for community members and students for many years that offered lots of seating, and casual, inexpensive breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and soups.

After restaurants were closed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Panera chain quickly pivoted to offer delivery and curbside pickup. The company also began selling a limited selection of groceries at some locations.


  1. It was not the same for me after the police killed a man with a toy gun – essentially an unarmed man, no? – through the window after sooo many heavily armed police descended on the town armed at a level that was way out of line with what was going on…
    It was interesting that no one protested that, the shooting of an unarmed mentally ill man of any color in our town. The police here are used to finance the town budget. There is at least a $1 million budget line if not $2 million that comes from the police fining the folks who live here and the folks who come here to shop and work. We have too many police in Princeton and they are also too heavily paid and have too many expensive cars etc. And their work is too focused not on say keeping kids off drugs here but rather in fining us the citizens and killing essentially innocent people. The incident at Panera was also a police atrocity.

    1. At the time I communicated online with the Princeton police and received very rude answers. I forwarded a copy to our state representative to no avail. This was a case of suicide by cop. I went to Panera and where the police were located they were blocked by the counter so were in no danger. They could easily have wounded him. I guess that’s not part of their training.

  2. I tend to disagree. We want our police officers to be proud and to serve and protect. They put their life on the line every line to protect us.

    Yes there are some cops which are bad, but vast majority are good.
    The incident at Panera was well documented and it is the fact that guy drew a BB gun and shouted that he wants police to shoot him. NJ state police actually killed him – not Princeton police.

    If you trust CNN, here is one video about situation in Minneapolis last year (warning it may be racist for someone):

    All this fuss happening around the country is a political game used mostly for political points. All this pressure in the media making white people guilty for what happened to black people hundreds years ago is ridiculous.

    What is next, to ban cartoon characters depicting police officers?
    To rename Washington State to something else?

    …and this is how silent majority is born…

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