Tre Piani restaurant closes

Tre Piani, the Italian and Mediterranean restaurant located at Forrestal Village in Plainsboro, has closed for good after 20 years.

Owner Jim Weaver, one of the most well known chefs in the region, informed customers about the closure on social media on Friday night.

“It has been a magical 20 year run at Tre Piani,” he wrote. “Unfortunately the business has become just another small local business that has become unsustainable due to many factors and has had to close its doors. I would like to thank the network of family, friends, businesses and staff that have helped through the years. The dust is still settling and there will be more to follow.”

The restaurant included a bar called Tre Bar and an area for private parties. The wine selection at his bar was always a big hit with customers. Weaver, a proponent of the Slow Food movement, used local ingredients and had sponsored a farmers’ market at Forrestal in recent years.

Last week, the owners of the Peacock Inn announced they had closed the restaurant. The hotel will remain open and the dining area will be used for private events.


  1. I’m amazed they lasted this long. Forrestal Village seems better protected against economic development than the Pinelands.

    1. Well, some things do very well at Forrestal Village – all of us who own educational services there are surviving fine. The food court vendors have been there forever and now doctors are moving in. Granted the gym closed Dec 31st – that was a shame.

  2. Yes unfortunately the business has become unsustainable, due in no small part to your shameful mismanagement of the restaurant. Thank your staff?? You mean the people you STOLE THOUSANDS of dollars from to fuel your grandiose alcoholic lifestyle as you financially ran what could have easily been a successful restaurant INTO THE GROUND?
    Yes the dust is settling for the families of all the workers who you DIDN’T HAVE THE PERSONAL COURAGE TO TELL THE RESTAURANT CLOSED YET because they are in limbo being owed anywhere from fifteen hundred to SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THEIR CHILDREN WITH THE MONEY YOU DONT PAY THEM. I will NEVER be more ASHAMED IN MY LIFE than to say I worked at the ROACH-INFESTED CESSPIT called Tre Piani for a DISINGENUOUS CHARLATAN NAMED JIM WEAVER. Anyone who says they loved this place was obviously FOOLED into believing this was a place that was not FILTHY and run on the backs of UNPAID WORKERS. I post this even though you owe me $1400 after I quit FIVE MONTHS AGO knowing full well your spiteful ass isn’t going to pay me the because I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS KIND OF FAKERY, JIM WEAVER IS A FRAUD AND HE STEALS FROM THE CHILDREN OF HIS WORKERS. YOU CAN BLOCK ME, YOU CAN DELETE THIS POST, but people will hear the TRUTH. THIS IS FOR ALL MY FRIENDS YOU SWINDLED YOU SWINE, SHAME

  3. Jim Weaver and his fraudulent ex-wife Kimberly Clearwater are two thieves. They never paid their employees. Kim was arrested for drunk driving in 2014. They are both alcoholics.

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